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As a Pan African professional brand, digital & culture marketer with +10 yrs experience in corporate, agency & consulting I've seen the important of influence gain momentum over the years. 

Whether you want to improve your personal brand (at work on for your side hustle) or simply want to connect closer to culture, my mission is the be the digtial plug keeping you informed and up-to-date.

Having worked on some awesome brands (see below) across brand, digital, influencel, social & commerce strategies - I'm now sharing the ultimate cheat codes to get YOU plugged in and powerful.

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Hi there, I'm Desh. Welcome to my corner of the internet. Here you can find resources, inspiration, and a network to help you grow your influence.


My goal is to empower you from a digital and influence perspective that will help you unlock and uplevel that next phase of your career. 

Whether it's my podcast, youtube or even TikTok hacks, my content and coaching are one click away.



I am passionate about building brands in culture and my past work has been featured in Forbes, Trace, MTV & Meta.

Over the past 10yrs I've worked with iconic brands in the FMCG space (A&P $10M+) leading cross functional teams.

I've also piloted and set up Digital & Influencer Marketing teams at large-scale FMCG (ABinBev & Diageo) and kicked off Culture & Entertainment strategy across Africa.
My consulting work saw Influencer & Culture strategies commissioned by Coke, Heineken, Virgin Money and Multi-choice.


With my “Each One Teach One” mindset, my purpose is to leverage digital to tell our stories. This has seen me launch the “Influence Insider” podcast that takes you behind the influencer of brand and culture


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From platform definers and digital disrupters to influential voices building the biggest brands - this is influencer insider. Get hyped on the latest trends and conversations straight from the source.


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